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Cars, trucks, vans, sport utility vehicles...your local Maxi Muffler dealer services virtually every make & model on the road today! Our ASE Certified & State Certified mechanics are highly trained specialists that you can count on to repair your vehicle safely and affordably. You'll like our service...and you'll love our fair, everyday low prices. There's no need to settle for so-called "discount" mufflers, brakes & shocks. Not when you can get genuine Maxi quality for about the same price, at over 20 Maxi Muffler locations throughout Michigan.

MufflersMaxi Mufflers, Brakes & Shocks

Your local Maxi Muffler dealer performs a full range of muffler services, from repair to replacement. As with all our services, a technician will diagnose your situation and inform you of what is needed before any work is done. And even if your need for a muffler replacement is unavoidable, you still have choices. Your local Maxi Muffler dealer carries several different mufflers for every vehicle, in many different price ranges. Once again, your local Maxi Muffler dealer puts you in charge when it comes to your automobile. Plus, Genuine Maxi replacement mufflers come with a limited lifetime warrantee, see your local Maxi dealer for warrantee details.


Your vehicle's braking system is the single most important safety feature on your vehicle. Their proper performance is critical to the safety of you, your friends & family, and your car. That's why your local Maxi dealer is proud to feature Raybestos brand brake system components. Raybestos manufactures the highest quality brakes for virtually every vehicle on the road today.

Our complete Brake Check includes:

  • Check Pads and Linings
  • Check rotors and all hardware
  • Inspect hydraulic system wheel cylinder
  • Master cylinder
  • All brake and lines/hoses

Shocks & Struts

Your local Maxi Muffler dealer has the perfect replacement shocks & struts for your vehicle. We use only the finest built shocks & struts available....Monroe. Your vehicle will ride smoother and last longer when you replace your shocks & struts at your local Maxi Muffler dealer.
Click here to learn how shocks work. Monroe Shocks & Struts

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